Prepare a solicitation package, select one or more suppliers to deliver the product or service, and establish and maintain the supplier agreement.


Establishes organizational expectations to define practices for preparing a solicitation package, selecting a capable supplier, and establishing and maintaining the supplier agreement.


The Solicitation and Supplier Agreement Development process provides a set of practices that enables the acquirer to initialize and formalize a relationship with the supplier for the successful execution of the project. A supplier agreement is an agreement between the acquirer and the supplier. This agreement can be a contract, license, or memorandum of agreement. The acquired product or service is delivered to the acquirer from the supplier according to the supplier agreement.

A supplier agreement created using these practices enables the acquirer to monitor and control supplier activities using other processes, such as the Project Monitoring and Control and Agreement Management processes.

The activities described in Solicitation and Supplier Agreement Development apply equally to initial supplier agreements and subsequent change orders, task orders, or amendments related to those agreements.

The acquirer is responsible for establishing and maintaining ground rules for communicating with the supplier, documenting decisions, and resolving conflict throughout the life of the agreement. The acquirer facilitates these activities with relevant stakeholders. Roles and responsibilities of relevant stakeholders during the interaction with suppliers are defined, coordinated, and adhered to.

The Prepare for Solicitation and Supplier Agreement Development and its associated specific practices identify potential suppliers and develop and distribute the solicitation package, including evaluation criteria and the statement of work. The solicitation package is developed using work products from other processes (e.g., requirements and design constraints from Acquisition Requirements Development processes, supplier projects, and technical measures and objectives from Project Planning and Measurement and Analysis processes).

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