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Speaking Engagements

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We are available for informative speaking presentations for your “lunch-and-learn,” Chapter Meetings, corporate training/meetings and seminars. offers an array of presentations that can be tailored to fit your organization. Our presenter will spend time researching your industry, your issues, and your audience to ensure that the presentation and the format are the best fit for you and your audience

Topic examples:

  • PMO
    • Leverage industry standards to implement a value add PMO
    • What does the “P” stand for in PMO?
    • Prevent your PMO from failing.
    • What executives should expect from a PMO?
    • What an organization should expect from a PMO?
    • What should a PMO do?
  • Portfolio Management
    • Portfolio Management, making the CIO Job easier
    • Why the CEO & CFO should love Portfolio Management
    • Improve performance and throughput utilizing Portfolio Management
    • Strategic Planning begins with Portfolio Management
    • Improve Project Management by implementing Portfolio Management
    • Organizational Budgeting, staffing, and Issues? Portfolio Management!
  • Program and Project Management
    • Thanks Agile for bringing Project Management to IT
    • Why so many project fall, change is Simple.
    • Project Management is not working in your organization, try Project Management!
    • When does Project Planning begin
    • Skills of a Project Manager, not technical.
    • Risk Management, what is and is not.
    • Improve projects success, hiring Project Managers, not technical Lead
    • Historical data does pay off.
    • Select a Project Life Cycle? Waterfall, Agile, Incremental, Evolutionary, Spiral.
    • Is Agile new, or is Re-Branded?
    • Scope control made easy
  • Project Life Cycles
    • What Is Agile
    • How to implement organizational project Life cycles
    • Project Life Cycles made easy
  • Industry Standards
    • Leveraging Industry Standards at
    • CMMI