Online-PMO began with the idea of creating a straightforward approach for organizations and individuals to leverage industry standards without spending a great deal of time and money.  The only thing we knew was the general direction in which we had to.  As we marched along, we were continually looking for good ideas.  We went to professional society meetings and quizzed those who had “been there and done that.”  We reviewed each of the process improvement initiatives that came along.  If there was an idea that we liked, we tried it out; if it did not work, we moved on.

Things began falling into place, and our direction became increasingly apparent.  As our progress continued, we discovered there were fewer and fewer experts who could help us.  We were treading where others hand never been.  If we were going to keep advancing, it was apparent we had to do it on our own.  We had to become experts.  By the end of a decade, we had achieved a process model that was indeed a showcase.  It was not until later that we were able to define the popular platform to tell others how to get there, was created.

The purpose of Online-PMO is not to alter or create another standard or methodology, but to develop and enhance processes and procedures by utilizing and integrating the framework of recognized industry standards from organizations like CMMI, ITIL, COBIT, Six Sigma, ISO, PMI, and IIBA.

Our objective is to assist both organizations and individuals in improving organizational performance and throughput. Online-PMO has a unique strategy to simplify industry standards by applying Objective Oriented Business Process Modeling decomposition. As a series of interrelated components, processes permit information and material flow across multiple methodologies while simultaneously protecting the proprietary nature of standards. This approach enables rapid configuration of methods; in essence, industry standards are modeled in such a way as to permit ”plug and play” capability between organizational processes.

The ambition of Online-PMO is to provide processes and procedures to organizations and individuals that support at level 5 – optimizing maturity.

Online-PMO not only benefits organizations by reducing the cost and time in their organizational surety efforts but also the members by allowing them to create a structured portfolio, program, project management plans, and schedule more efficiently while adhering to industry standards. Resulting in rising productivity, and increase in throughput and reducing costs within the organization