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With decades of consulting and contracting experience, Online-PMO has seen managers within organizations use the GIT-R-DONE methodology more than any other. It does not matter whether it is called Waterfall, Agile, Evolutionary, Incremental, or the many other silver bullets that have come to market.  VPs, Sr. Directors, Directors and Managers want to GOT-R-DONE.


Most organizations have a structured approach to deliver projects, but only 20% of projects follow it.  Think about that!!  Statistically, only 20% of the projects come in on time, within budget and deliver a solution based on the customer’s requirements and expectations.  The GIT-IT-DONE method is the undocumented approach that represents the 80% in the statistics, think about that!


Most project teams have heard their VPs, Sr. Directors, Directors or Manager say, I had a hallway conversation with who I think will be the Project Sponsor.  Here is the project…, that should be enough for you and to start developing.  I also set the expectation that we can have it done in four months.  O, by the way, we are going to run the project using organizations standards, but we do not have to wait for the objective, scope or requirements to get started.  You know, that stuff is just overhead cost.


Online-PMO has not found this approach in any methodology, even in Agile. So we thought since 80% of the VPs, Sr. Directors, Directors and Managers expect projects to be executed using this approach, it should be documented.


Plus, we wanted to have fun.

On a more serious note: Why not do it right the first time in a controlled, methodical manner, crossing all the Ts and dotting all Is along the way.  Online-PMO does not guaranty that using our documented approaches will deliver ever project perfect, ever time within budget, on time and with a solution that customers requested, but statistically, your odds will substantially increase.


Using Online-PMO will choreograph your project from concept to the end-user acceptance until it is fully functioning. We understand that reputations, careers and even an organization’s growth and survival depend on successful project implementations.


Online-PMO shepherds your organization through the challenges of your implementation using proven methods by industry standards. Using a structured and documented way decreases the anxiety and stress of mission-critical deployments.

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