Move the project into production, increase the annual operating expense and use Blame Management to identify the individual or department for the current status of the project.


The project resources are tired, way over budget, delivery date missed many times, and features do not meet anyone’s expectations.


The next time you encounter a failed project in your organization, look inward to see what went wrong and take appropriate steps to eliminate the issue.  Even though every organization is different, there are some common themes in project failures.

    • Poor Project Planning, One of the most important things to to to avoid failure is extensive planning. At the onset of any project, all stakeholders must be in total alignment on goals and expectations.  This ensures that ll stakeholders make appropriate adjustments to plans, costs, and schedules to march a clear path towards the projects goals.  This includes project scheduling, resource allocation, meetings before the onset of a project, etc.


 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams