• Baseline Architectural Design
  • Baseline Standard Bill of Material


  • Test Strategy identified and documented in the Product Quality Plan


  • Overview of Testing Types

Task Instructions:

Create Test Plan

    1. The Test Strategy is created during Define phase and forms the basis for the different types of testing to be conducted in the project’s life cycle.   Online-PMO proposes four types of testing to validate the system or the product that is being developed. These are Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing.
    2. When outsourcing, the Construct through Deploy phases, the Supplier shall conduct Unit and Integration Testing (possibly at their location) before delivering the system.
    3. The Project Manager documents the Test Strategy, as part of the Product Quality Plan (PQP); to ensure that appropriate test types have been identified along with their approaches and with the organization responsible for conducting the test. Based on the project’s needs, the Project Manager shall plan the types of testing and shall add or remove test types from the Test Strategy as appropriate. At a minimum, the project is responsible for User Acceptance Testing.  The  ‘Overview of Testing Types,’ which lists the system validations done for projects.
    4. The Test Strategy Worksheet of PQP shall be completed by Project Manager during the development of the Final Project Plan and shall be reviewed along with the Project Plan. For details regarding review of Project Plan, refer to Project Management Process.
    5. The Project Manager shall consult the System Deployment Manager and the Test Manager to identify the test types and the dependencies on the test environments.