Establish and maintain the environment needed to support validation.


Project Manager shall set up the Test environment as given in the System Test Plan (STP) document.
It is recommended to conduct tests in an environment as close as possible to the Production environment and the Project Manager, with the support of System Deployment Manager, shall set up the Test environment. If the Test environment is a scaled down or scaled up version of the actual environment, the test results related to performance, volume, and stress shall be also be scaled accordingly. The risks associated with the lack of proper Test environment should be identified and documented by the Project Manager.


  • System Test Plan




  • System Plan

Task Instructions:

Install Test Environment

      1. The Project Manager (when outsourcing, the Supplier) shall check and set up the Test environment as per the Test environment specified in System Test Plan.

Apply Infrastructure Changes

      1. The Supplier, with the support from Project Manager, shall install all computer and network hardware, software, and cabling components possible in preparation for the testing. If the existing infrastructure needs to be upgraded, then the Project Manager shall coordinate the same. The Project Manager shall verify the readiness of the installed components.

Apply Security Changes

      1. The Supplier shall configure various security access levels to enable the new system to be used and tested. If required, the Project Manager shall apply appropriate authorizations to help the Supplier to establish and configure all security access for the system.

Convert and Migrate Data

      1. The Project Manager, with the support from Operations and Support Manager, shall ensure that data extracts, conversions, and loads needed to create the test data for the new system are performed. The Supplier shall verify the success and readiness of the data conversions and loads performed and may need help to install other data interface components, if required. The Project Manager shall coordinate and get the dependencies resolved from the Deployment and Operations Team.

Verify Test Environment

      1. The Supplier shall perform some checks to ensure that the Test environment is as per the requirements and specifications documented in the System Test Plan. The checks help to verify whether:
        • The Test environment is suitable for system testing.
        • The installed system integrates as required with the external software and hardware.
        • The configuration is as per the System Installation Guide and all the system components and sub components have been installed accurately.

Fix Gaps Related to Test Environment

      1. The Project Manager and Supplier shall fix any gaps that were identified during the verification of the Test environment. The gaps shall be addressed such that there are no unintended problems introduced.

Verify and Audit Test Environment

      1. Project Manager shall verify and audit the Test environment to check if the environment is as per the specifications described in the System Test Plan. The Project Manager shall ensure that System Deployment Manager has given the details for the Pre-Production environment and the same is applied to the Test environment. Conducting configuration testing and audit of the Test environment shall verify that all the required software, hardware, systems and test data are installed and configured as per the requirements of the Test environment.