Verify that the system performs according to specified requirements and to validate that the system fulfills its intended use when placed in the intended environment.


System testing and user acceptance testing are performed during this phase.  Test results are analyzed and defects are identified, tracked and resolved.  Plans and preparation for the next phase are created and/or refined.  Lessons learned from system testing are incorporated into the Operations and Support Plan and into the System Documentation.  Progress against the plan is tracked and reported and changes to requirements, the architectural design, and the supplier contract are managed.


A Testing phase has been established to increase visibility of key testing activities and to ensure the system meets the specified requirements and performs according to its intended use.  During the Test phase, two major types of tests are conducted: System Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  Each test has its own sub-phase.

 The purpose of the system test is to ensure that the entire system operates without error when placed into a pre-production environment.  The System Testing sub-phase concludes with a UAT Readiness Review, which ensures that defects during system testing will not hamper the UAT.

 The purpose of the UAT is to ensure that all the user requirements are incorporated in the IT solution.  During this sub-phase, the System, Pilot, and Site Deployment Plans are developed and the pre-production and production environments are established.  The users accept the product from the supplier during this sub-phase.  The Test phase concludes with the final formal tollgate.  The result of the Test Tollgate is a project Go/No-Go decision to proceed with the deployment of the system into the production environment(s).

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