The preliminary project plan is the document that defines the plan that will be used to meet the project objectives during Planning. It will include why the project is being initiated, what is to be done, who will be involved in its development, when it will be done, and how it will be done. Once Planning is completed, and the project is approved at the Project Plan Approval (PPA) control point, the Project Plan will be used to transition the project for delivery by the Project Delivery Team. If the project is not approved, or if it is put on hold, the PPP becomes the key record of the project’s project management processes during the Identification Stage.


  • Approved Business Case


  • Draft Preliminary Project Plan


Task Instructions:

Create Preliminary Project Plan

    1. Using the Preliminary Project Plan Template and the Approved Business Case [the Project Manager] with support from [the Business Analyst], [The Product Owner], and the [Project Champion] is responsible for understanding the activities and tasks required to create a Preliminary Project Plan.
    2. Using the Preliminary Project Plan, [the Project Manager] with support from the Project Team, [the Business Analyst]. [the Product Owner] and [the Project champion] are responsible for identifying potential risks, dependencies, and constraints affecting the planning phase.