• Preliminary Scope Statement


Task Instructions:

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Using the Process Design Summary Document, the Project Manager and the Process Engineer
shall discuss and define the scope of the project, which shall clearly establish the problem
statement of the system to be developed. Identifying the scope and limitations of the planned
system at the initial stage of the project helps to establish realistic customer expectations.
The Business Project Champion and Process Engineer shall identify the Requirements Providers
based on the Business Context model. Typically, the Process Engineer is responsible for
resolving any conflicting requirements arising from different Requirements Providers. The
Process Engineer may consult the Business Project Champion, if necessary, to resolve the
conflicting requirements. The Project Manager shall document the list of Requirements Providers
and criteria for resolving the conflicts in the Project Charter.
Project Manager shall ensure that the scope is clearly defined by subdividing the major project
deliverables into smaller and more manageable components. The Project Manager shall manage the scope to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to
complete the project successfully. The key decisions related to the scope discussions shall be
captured in minutes of meetings and shall be made available for future references. The Project
Manager shall circulate and communicate the minutes of the meetings to all the Requirements
Providers including the Business Project Champion.
Project Manager shall define the project scope that will meet the critical needs of the customer
while permitting the Development Team sufficient flexibility to produce the system in a timely
manner. The Project Manager shall be responsible for obtaining the agreement on scope from
Requirements Providers to formalize the acceptance of the project scope. The Project Manager is
responsible for controlling changes to project scope.