Enable projects to; conduct final Post Project Review in order to capture best practices and improvement opportunities from the project, and announce the formal closure of the project.




To enable continuous improvement and internalize the learning, it is necessary to analyze the practices followed during the project execution by the Project Team Members.

The project documents and the complete data for program and project standard metrics shall be archived. Future projects may use these project documents to:

    • Understand the application developed or deployed whichever the case may be.
    • Compare or use as basis for estimating size and effort.
    • Identify best practices that may be applicable to the new project.
    • Learn from the lessons learned, which helps in improving the project execution.

In case of deployment project type, the System Deployment Manager performs the process steps.




  • Post Project Review Report


  • Post Project Review Questionnaire Template
  • Post Project Review Report Template
  • Project Role Feedback Form Template

Procedure & Task Instructions:

Conduct Post Project Review


Archive Documents

    1. Project Manager shall develop an archival scheme as per the Information Lifecycle Management Policies. Refer to Project Data Management Process for details regarding ILM code.
    2. Project Manager shall coordinate with CM Lead and archive the project documents. The source code, binaries, product support documents including Plans, Post Project Review Report and Process Verification Records shall be archived together such that they are readily available when required.

Communicate Project Closure

    1. Project Manager shall communicate through an announcement that the project is closed to project participants, Business Project Champion, Project Team, System Owner, Senior Manager, PMO and Management.
    2. Project Manager shall update the status in the Project Tracking System to Project Completed.