The developed code shall be integrated, configured and tested before the developed system is delivered. The Delivery Team or Supplier shall ensure that the system is tested as agreed and documented in Test Strategy for the project.






  • Test Strategy
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Task Instructions:

Integrate and Build the System

    1. Development Team shall maintain Configuration Management repository to store the software, build procedures and the source code.
    2. When outsourced, the suppliers shall test the build procedures to ensure easy migration to the organization Configuration Management repository.
    3. The Development Team shall integrate the various software components in a systematic manner and as per the predefined sequence of integration.
    4. The integrated components shall be built and the results verified. Inconsistencies among Code components, if any identified during build, shall be resolved.
    5. Development Team shall verify the built system to verify that the build is complete and repeatable and is per the build procedures and installation guide for the system.


Configure the System

    1. Development Team shall configure the system to ensure that various components are integrated to perform efficiently. The system parameters and the environment, including the operating system shall be tuned as necessary and documented in the System Installation Guide and System Maintenance Guide.


Conduct Integration Testing

    1. Development Team shall integrate the various system modules/subcomponents and conduct Integration Tests to ensure that there are no inconsistencies between subcomponents in the system. The bugs detected shall be fixed and the Development Team shall conduct the necessary regression testing to make sure that unintended defects are not introduced during fixing of problems. If any bugs are identified, they shall be fixed and the code shall be unit tested before conducting the next round of Integration Tests.
    2. Development Team shall conduct an Acceptance Test internally and verify the test results. This prevents the Development Team from making a premature delivery for acceptance testing.
    3. When outsourced, the supplier may use the organizations lab facilities to conduct Integration Testing to integrate with systems, test data and other infrastructure specific to the organization


Update Requirements Traceability Matrix

    1. Development Team shall update the Requirements Traceability Matrix with references and to trace the system components, Unit Test Cases and Integration Test Cases.


Develop System Documentation and Training Material for the System

    1. Development Team shall develop the System Documentation using the templates approved by organization. System Documentation requirements shall be identified in the Statement of Work and typically includes:
      • Users Guide
      • System Installation Guide
      • Operations Guide
      • System Maintenance Guide
    2. When outsourced, supplier shall develop the End-User and Operations Staff Training Materials as agreed in the Statement of Work. The GM Project Manager shall review the System Documentation and the Training Materials before releasing it for usage.

Deliver the System

    1. Development Team shall package the Source Code and the System Documentation.  The package shall include all supporting binaries or libraries and documentation required by the system.
    2. Development Team shall document the content of the package in an appropriate “Readme”/Instructions document and provide it to the Project Manager along with the package. The System Package shall contain:
      • Developed System which is Unit Tested, Integrated and Configured
      • Unit Test Cases
      • Integration Test Cases
      • Build Procedures
      • Updated RTM
      • Agreed set of System Documentation
      • Agreed set of Training Material
    3. Supplier shall deliver the package to the Project Manager. The Project Manager shall ensure that the System delivered is complete by verifying it against the System Delivery Checklist.
    4. Project Manager shall review system deliverables for compliance with GM data and IT standards, and shall resolve issues and conflicts that arise from Change Requests.
    5. The Project Manager shall incorporate any tradeoffs that are agreed on to resolve any issues or conflicts that arise due to Change Requests. Project Manager shall communicate issues and conflicts that cannot be resolved to the Senior Manager. The Project Manager shall have the IT Standards Bill of Materials (BoM) document reviewed and shall obtain compliance signature.
    6. The Project Manager shall coordinate with CM Lead to check the system into identified CM repository.