Thank you for inquiring about Online-PMO’s PMP Prep courses.  Online-PMO offers three different hands-on training courses.  They are designed to help you understand the workings of the five process groups and ten knowledge areas as prescribed by PMI.  The three PMP Prep courses consist of a Self-study, Online Instructor and an Onsite PMP Bootcamp.  Each of these courses provides the relevant knowledge required to pass the PMP certification.  After completing the courses, you will have the required 35 PDUs to take the certification exam, have developed a working knowledge of the five process groups and the ten knowledge areas as prescribed by the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge better known as the PMBOK Guide. More importantly,  you will acquire the knowledge to manage, execute, and deliver projects successfully in line with global project management best practices.B

No amount of real-life experience in project management can assure that you will pass the exam.  In fact, without a dedicated study, you almost certainly will not pass.  There is no denying that the exam questions require the mindset of the PMBOK Guide.  Knowing the material is not enough, however.  The fact is that even memorization of every single word of PMI’s primary PMP exam reference, and the PMBOK Guide, will not assure that you will pass the exam.


The reason is simple. The PMP exam is not at all oriented toward the ability to memorize facts from the PMBOK Guide, but rather toward the ability to apply PMBOK material to realistic project management scenarios.  That means that you must be able to understand the precise definitions of terms according to the PMBOK Guide.  Very often, subtle distinctions between your understanding of a word and the project management standard’s definition can change the meaning of the critical point.


Each of Online-PMO courses is designed to merge real-life experiences with PMI’s PMBOK.  Online-PMO has decomposed each area of study and has created specific training for the ten knowledge areas.  Each course consist of 16 sessions, includes 14 study guides, over 75 training videos over 250 exercises, over 350 quizzes, and of course a simulated final exam consisting of 200 questions compiled from over 1000 question database, be limited to four hours, and will also have questions that are similar in difficulty, style and format as the official exam. It is built on the proportion of subjects from each domain that will appear on the actual exam.  Online-PMO’s online exam is a good simulation of the real exam process since the PMP exam is computerized.  After each course, you will have the required 35 PDUs to take the certification exam.B

An oft-asked question is whether it is possible to study for the PMP exam on your own.  Doing so offers considerable flexibility in managing your time, allowing you to learn and study at your own pace and, of course, can save a significant amount of money.  To answer the question, though, yes, you can study on your own.  Taking the self-study course, more than any other course, requires significant personal discipline.B

As a member of Online-PMO, the Self-study is a benefit with your membership.  That means you can take the Self-study course or any module as offend as you like as a member. You have access to all the information all the time.  Before starting the self-study, one should set realistic goals.  To assist in setting these goals, Online-PMO has creating a syllable that allows you to tailor the dates to create a timeline and milestones to achieve your PMP goal.B

The PMP Online Instructor course still offers flexibility in managing your time and allows you to learn and study at your own pace between sessions.  Individuals must be members of Online-PMO to enroll in the Online Instructor Course.  However, the online Instructor course is not included as a benefit of membership. There is an additional fee of $225.  The benefit of the Online Instructor course is a dedicated instructor, who really is more a coach than an instructor.  They facilitate the weekly Study group discussions, review sessions quizzes, and mentor on areas of concern, lead discussions within the online study group discussion board.  Remember, as a member of Online-PMO, and you have access to the material all the time.B

The Onsite PMP Bootcamp is designed for organizations looking to truly mature not only it’s project management but its portfolio and program management as well.  The advantage of this tailorable 5-day course to an organization is it allows not only project managers to participate but include others within an organization that is involved in projects.  Online-PMO suggests the audients for this course should consist of Portfolio, Program and Project managers, Team Leads and Managers, Project Executives, Project Team members, and any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager.  The benefit becomes that everyone within the organization becomes knowledgeable about the fundamentals of project management and begins using the same processes and terminology.B

The Online-PMO offers the PMP Boot Camp course as a fixed cost to an organization for additional information email

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