Provides a clear, actionable plan to interact with project stakeholders to support the project’s interests.


Developing appropriate management strategies to effectively engage stakeholders throughout the project life cycle, based on the analysis of their needs, interests, and potential impact on project success.


Plan Stakeholder Management identifies how the project will affect stakeholders, which then allows the project manager to develop various ways to effectively engage stakeholders in the project, to manage their expectations, and to ultimately achieve the project objectives. Stakeholder management is more than improving communications and requires more than managing a team. Stakeholder management is about creation and maintenance of relationships between the project team and stakeholders, with the aim to satisfy their respective needs and requirements within project boundaries.

This process generates the stakeholder management plan, which contains detailed plans on how effective stakeholder management can be realized. As the project progresses, the membership of the stakeholder community and required level of engagement may change, therefore, stakeholder management planning is an iterative process that is reviewed on a regular basis by the project manager.



  • Project Management Plan
  • Stakeholder Register


  • Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Updated Project Documents


  • Expert Judgment
  • Meetings
  • Analytical Techniques

Task Instructions:

Document Stakeholder(s) Involvement Plan

      1. Using the <?>, [the ?] with support from <?> is responsible for … 

Project Manager shall identify and document in the Project Plan the Stakeholders for each of the
phases and their involvement across the project phases. The list of relevant Stakeholders will
probably change as the project moves through the phases of the project life cycle. The Project
Manager shall ensure that the relevant Stakeholders in the later phases of the life cycle have
early input into requirements and design decisions that affect them later. The Project Manager
shall coordinate with relevant Stakeholder identified in the plan to participate in the project
activities. The Project Manager shall plan and obtain requirements from the Stakeholders to
develop the work products such that the work products produced in the project satisfy and meet
the commitments of the relevant Stakeholder. The Project Manager shall coordinate and
collaborate with the relevant Stakeholders to identify and negotiate critical dependencies and
arrive at an action plan to track them. The mechanism for resolving the issues and conflicts
among Stakeholders shall be defined in the Project Plan.

Project Manager shall identify and obtain Stakeholder commitment to participate in the identified
project review meetings. The frequency and agenda for these meetings shall be documented in
the Project Plan’s Project Monitoring and Review Meeting section. These meetings with
Stakeholders shall be formal meetings that warrant the collection and storage of meeting minutes.
The Project Manager shall ensure that minutes and decisions are stored as defined in the
Project’s Data Management Plan.
Project Manager shall periodically review the extent of Stakeholder involvement compared to their
commitments, as documented in the Stakeholder Involvement Plan section of the Project Plan
and as given in the Project Monitoring and Control Process.