Identifying the causes of poor process or product quality and recommending and/or taking action to eliminate them and validating that project deliverables and work meet the requirements specified by key stakeholders necessary for final acceptance.


The process of monitoring and recording results of executing the quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes.


The Control Quality process uses a set of operational techniques and tasks to verify that the delivered output will meet the requirements. Quality assurance should be used during the project’s planning and executing phases to provide confidence that the stakeholder’s requirements will be met and quality control should be used during the project executing and closing phases to formally demonstrate, with reliable data, that the sponsor and/or customer’s acceptance criteria have been met.

The project management team may have a working knowledge of statistical control processes to evaluate data contained in the control quality outputs. Among other subjects, the team may find it useful to know the differences between the following pairs of terms:

    • Prevention (keeping errors out of the process) and inspection (keeping errors out of the hands of the customer).
    • Attribute sampling (the result either conforms or does not conform) and variables sampling (the result is rated on a continuous scale that measures the degree of conformity).
    • Tolerances (specified range of acceptable results) and control limits (that identify the boundaries of common variation in a statistically stable process or process performance).



  • Project Management Plan
  • Quality Metrics
  • Quality Checklists
  • Work Performance Data
  • Approved Change Request
  • Deliverables
  • Project Documents


  • Quality Control Measurements
  • Validated Change
  • Verified Deliverables
  • Work Performance Information
  • Change Request
  • Updated Project Management Plan
  • Updated Project Documents
  • Updated Organizational Process Assets


  • Seven Basic Quality Tools
  • Statistical Sampling
  • Inspection
  • Approved Change Requests Review

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