Provide alignment of internal and external stakeholder expectations through established agreements.


Obtaining seller responses, selecting a seller, and awarding a contract.


During the Conduct Procurements process, the team will receive bids or proposals and will apply previously defined selection criteria to select one or more sellers who are qualified to perform the work and acceptable as a seller.

On major procurement items, the overall process of requesting responses from sellers and evaluating those responses can be repeated. A short list of qualified sellers can be established based on a preliminary proposal. A more detailed evaluation can then be conducted based on a more specific and comprehensive requirements document requested from the sellers on the short list. In addition, tools and techniques described here may be used alone or in combination to select sellers. For example, a weighting system can be used to:

    • Select a single seller that will be asked to sign a standard contract
    • Establish a negotiating sequence by ranking all proposals by the weighted evaluation scores assigned to each proposal.



  • Procurement Management Plan
  • Procurement Documents
  • Source Selection Criteria
  • Seller Proposals
  • Project Documents
  • Make-or-Buy Decision
  • Procurement Statement of Work


  • Selected Sellers
  • Agreements
  • Resource Calendars
  • Change Request
  • Updated Project Management Plan
  • Updated Project Documents


  • Bidder Conferences
  • Proposal Evaluation Techniques
  • Independent Estimates
  • Expert Judgment
  • Advertising
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Procurement Negotiations

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