Leading and performing the work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved changes to achieve the project’s objectives.


Provides the overall management of the project work.


Direct and Manage Project Work activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Perform activities to accomplish project objectives;
    • Create project deliverables to meet the planned project work;
    • Provide, train, and manage the team members assigned to the project;
    • Obtain, manage, and use resources including materials, tools, equipment, and facilities
    • Implement the planned methods and standards;
    • Establish and manage project communication channels, both external and internal to the project team;
    • Generate work performance data, such as cost, schedule, technical and quality progress, and status to facilitate forecasting;
    • Issue change requests and implement approved changes into the project’s scope, plans, and environment;
    • Manage risks and implement risk response activities
    • Manage sellers and suppliers;
    • Manage stakeholders and their engagement; and
    • Collect, and document lessons learned and implement approved process improvement activities.


The project manager, along with the project management team, directs the performance of the planned project activities and manages the various technical and organizational interfaces that exist within the project. The project manager should also manage any unplanned activities and determine the appropriate course of action. The Direct and Manage Project Work process is directly affected by the project application area. Deliverables are produced as outputs from processes performed to accomplish the project work as planned and scheduled in the project management plan.

During project execution, the work performance data is collected and appropriately actioned and communicated. Work performance data includes information about the completion status of deliverables and other relevant details about project performance. The work performance data will also be used as an input to the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group.

Direct and Manage Project Work also requires a review of the impact of all project changes and the implementation of approved changes:

    • Corrective action, an intentional activity that realigns the performance of the project work with the project management plan
    • Preventive action, an intentional activity that ensures the future performance of the project work is aligned with the project management plan
    • Defect repair, an intentional activity to modify a nonconforming product or product component



  • Project Management Plan
  • Approved Chance Request


  • Work Deliverable(s)
  • Work Performance Data
  • Change Requests
  • Updated Project Management Plan
  • Updated Project Documents


  • Expert Judgement
  • Project Management Information System
  • Meetings

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