Task Instructions:

Within each unit, an individual(s) is assigned responsibility and authority for ensuring that Workforce Planning activities are performed.

A responsible individual(s) coordinates the Workforce Planning activities for each workforce competency.

Adequate resources are provided for performing Workforce Planning

    1. Strategic and operational business objectives and plans are made available for developing workforce plans.
    2. The organization’s workforce competencies are identified.
    3. Individuals with expertise in workforce planning and competency development are available for developing workforce plans.
    4. Resources for supporting Workforce Planning activities are made available.
    5. Workforce plans are made available to those responsible for planning each unit’s workforce activities.
    6. Funding to accomplish Workforce Planning activities is made available.
    7. Time for Workforce Planning activities is made available.

Individuals performing Workforce Planning activities develop the knowledge, skills, and process abilities needed to perform their responsibilities.

The practices and procedures for performing Workforce Planning are defined and documented.

    1. Practices and procedures are defined and documented at the organizational or unit levels, as appropriate.
    2. Guidelines for tailoring the practices and procedures for use in different circumstances are documented and made available, as necessary.
    3. The individual(s) assigned responsibility for coordinating Workforce Planning activities across the organization ensures that defined practices and procedures are maintained under version control, disseminated through appropriate media, interpreted appropriately for different situations, and updated through orderly methods.
    4. Experiences, lessons learned, measurement results, and improvement information derived from planning and performing Workforce Planning practices are captured to support the future use and improvement of the organization’s practices.