Task Instructions:

Within each unit, an individual (s) is assigned responsibility and authority for ensuring that Work Environment activities are performed.

Within prudent limits, adequate resources are provided for performing Work Environment activities, implementing the physical environment and resources necessary to perform assigned work, and making improvements to the work environment.

    1. Documented business plans, budgets, or similar guidance are available that indicate the work to be assigned to each unit and the budget available for providing a physical work environment and other work-related resources.
    2. Experienced individuals who have expertise in various aspects of the work environment are available for implementing an effective work environment. 

    3. Adequate budget and resources are made available for implementing the physical environment and work resources that are needed for performing assigned work.

    4. Funding to accomplish Work Environment activities is made available.

    5. Adequate funding is made available for resources that would improve the work environment.

    6. Support for implementing work environment improvements is made available.

The workforce receives the preparation needed to maintain an effective work environment.

Those responsible for improving the work environment receive the preparation in relevant methods and procedures needed to perform their responsibilities.