Policy statements generally refer to establishing, maintaining, and following a written organizational policy for the practices of a particular process. This emphasizes the connection between organizational commitment and the practices performed in workgroups and units. Policies typically do not provide implementation details, but merely commit the organization to comply with a set of guiding practices and behaviors in the area covered by the policy.

An organizational role(s) is assigned responsibility for coordinating activities at the organizational level. This coordination role may involve defining common procedures, assisting units in defining their own procedures, reviewing unit-level activities for compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and the like, collecting and sharing experience across the organization, or providing advice when asked. In some cases, these responsibilities for organizational coordination may be divided across multiple groups, such as competency ownership teams with responsibilities for organization-wide coordination within each workforce competency community.







Commitment Instructions:

The organization establishes and maintains a documented policy for conducting its Staffing activities. Issues typically addressed in the policy

    1. Staffing activities comply with the business objectives and stated values of the organization.

    2. Staffing activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

    3. Individuals or workgroups in each unit are involved in making commitments for the work that they will be held accountable for accomplishing.

    4. Workloads are balanced with the staff available to perform the work.

    5. Responsibilities for initiating, conducting, and approving all staffing decisions are assigned.

    6. Appropriate procedures are defined, documented, and used.

    7. The rights and dignity of individuals are to be protected during all staffing activities.

    8. Reasons for voluntary separation from the organization are identified.

    9. Staffing practices and activities comply with relevant laws, regulations, and organizational policies.

An organizational role(s) is assigned responsibility for assisting and advising units on Staffing activities and procedures.

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