Online-PMO has assisted organizations in developing and maintaining quality products and services. We have found several dimensions that an organization can focus on to improve its business. The Three Critical Dimensions figure illustrates how organizations typically focus on are people, procedures and methods, and tools and equipment.

What holds everything together? It is the methods used within an organization. Methods made up of processes and procedures, allow organizations to align the way they do business. They enable organizations to address scalability and provide a way to incorporate knowledge of how to do things better. Methods allow you to leverage your resources and to examine business trends.

This is not to say that people and technology are not essential. We are living in a world where technology is changing at an incredible speed. Similarly, people typically work for many companies throughout their careers. We live in a dynamic world. A focus on the processes and procedures provides the infrastructure and stability necessary to deal with an ever-changing world and to maximize the productivity of people and the use of technology to be competitive.

Manufacturing has long recognized the importance of process effectiveness and efficiency. Today, many organizations in the manufacturing and service industries understand the importance of quality processes. Processes help an organization’s workforce to meet business objectives by helping them to work smarter, not harder, and with improved consistency. Effective methods also provide a vehicle for introducing and using new technology in a way that best meets the business objectives of the organization.

The Three Critical Dimensions