Welcome to your Introducing Project Management Quiz

Which of the following is likely to be part of an operation?

A program is which one of the following?

Of the following, which is not an example of risk?

Of the following, what does the project manager typically do the most of?

Of the following, which is a mathematical model that can be used in assembling a project budget?

Which document will guide the interaction between the project manager and a selected vendor on a project?

In what process is the project manager selected to manage a project?

Who manages programs?

Which of the following can the project manager use to lead the project team to project completion?

You are the project manager of the Speaker Design Project. Your project sponsor wants to know why you believe the planning process will last throughout the project. Of the following, which is the best answer?

Of the following, which one is not a typical activity of a project manager?

The closing process is also known as which of the following?

The company-wide policy that mandates all project quality is called what?

A series of activities to create a unique product or service by a specific date is best described as which one of the following?

Of the following, which is the most important person involved with a project?

Complete the following statement. All businesses are in business to…

You have an excellent idea for a new project that can increase productivity by 20 percent in your organization. Management, however, declines to approve the proposed project because too many resources are already devoted to other projects. You have just experienced what?

You are the project manager of the User Manual Project. The user manual your team is creating will be packaged with the office chairs your company makes. Nancy Martin, the Marketing Director and Sponsor of the project, requests that 30 additional pages be added to the user manual. These extra pages will describe the additional line of office products available through your company. What is your initial reaction to this proposed change?

You are the project manager for the Advertising Specialties Project. This project will mail each client a pen, coffee mug, and magnet—all to be designed with your company logo and mascot on it. You have worked on a similar project before, but have a new project team for this particular task. Of the following, which is the best source of information for creating the project schedule?

Which of the following is not a project management process?

What activity must the project manager and the project customers do to complete the project? (Choose the best answer.)

Of the following, which one is the best example of progressive elaboration?

What is the project scope?

Sam is the project manager for a large, complex manufacturing project. There are many permits, regulatory filings, and accounting procedures for this project. In addition, there are technical guidelines and procedures that must be followed, verified, and approved. For a project of this nature, which of the following is most important?

Of the following, which one is not part of Project Integration Management?