Concepts are matured, and compelling case is prepared for investment considerations.


Information collected from the concept maturation stage is assessed and evaluated. Inputs to the preliminary business case are finalized. Concept Maturation concludes by a governing body assessing and prioritizing investments in the discovery portfolio and making decisions (go, cancel, hold, or recycle).  For those investments that receive a go decision, the data collected for Concept Maturation are used in the initiation form for Opportunity Generation, Capture & Analysis process of the Portfolio Management.







Task Instructions:

Identify Stakeholders

    1. Identify target audience – What will make these individuals and groups successful?

Create Communication Packages

    1. Packages created to communicate about the portfolio and associated risks and rewards
      • Tailored content
      • Method and timetable
      • Craft common message
      • Metrics for communication effectiveness

Deliver Communications

    1. Deliver message to various parties