Identifies the type, quantity, and characteristics of resources required to complete the activity, which allows more accurate cost and duration estimates.


Identifying and documenting relationships among the project activities.


The Estimate Activity Resources process is closely coordinated with the Estimate Costs process. For example:

A construction project team will need to be familiar with local building codes. Such knowledge is often readily available from local sellers. However, if the local labor pool lacks experience with unusual or specialized construction techniques, the additional cost for a consultant may be the most effective way to secure knowledge of the local building codes.

An automotive design team will need to be familiar with the latest in automated assembly techniques. The requisite knowledge might be obtained by hiring a consultant, by sending a designer to a seminar on robotics, or by including someone from manufacturing as a member of the project team.



  • Schedule Management Plan
  • Activity List
  • Activity Attributes
  • Resource Calendars
  • Risk Register
  • Activity Cost Estimates


  • Activity Resource Requirements
  • Resource Breakdown Structure
  • Update Project Documents< >


  • Expert Judgment
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Published Estimating Data
  • Bottom-Up Estimating
  • Project Management Software

Task Instructions:

Identify Plan phase Resources

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Identify Requirements Providers

    1. Using the <?>, [the ?] with support form  <?> is responsible for …

Estimate Effort for Define phase

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