Provides the means to recognize deviation from the plan and take corrective and preventive actions and thus minimize risk.


Monitoring the status of project activities to update project progress and manage changes to the schedule baseline to achieve the plan.


Updating the schedule model requires knowing the actual performance to date. Any change to the schedule baseline can only be approved through the Perform Integrated Change Control process. Control Schedule, as a component of the Perform Integrated Change Control process, is concerned with:

  • Determining the current status of the project schedule
  • Influencing the factors that create schedule changes
  • Determining if the project schedule has changed
  • Managing the actual changes as they occur.

If any agile approach is utilized, the control schedule is concerned with:

  • Assessing the current status of the project schedule by comparing the total amount of work delivered and accepted against the estimates of work completed for the elapsed time cycle,
  • Conducting retrospective reviews (scheduled reviews to record lessons learned) for correcting processes and improving, if required,
  • Reprioritizing the remaining work plan (backlog),
  • Determining the rate at which the deliverables are produced, validated, and accepted (velocity) in a given time per iteration (agreed work cycle duration, typically two weeks or one month),
  • Determining that the project schedule has changed, and
  • Managing the actual changes as they occur



  • Project Management Plan
  • Project Schedule
  • Work Performance Data
  • Project Calendars
  • Schedule Data


  • Work Performance Information
  • Schedule Forecasts
  • Change Requests
  • Updated Project Management Plan
  • Updated Project Documents


  • Performance Review
  • Project Management Software
  • Resource Optimization Techniques
  • Modeling Techniques
  • Leads and Lags
  • Schedule Compression
  • Scheduling Tools

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