Create a scope management plan that documents how the project scope will be defined, validated, and controlled.


Provides guidance and direction on how the scope will be managed throughout the project.


The scope management plan is a component of the project or program management plan that describes how the scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled, and verified. The development of the scope management plan and the detailing of the project scope begins with the analysis of information contained in the project charter, the latest approved subsidiary plans of the project management plan, the historical information contained in the organizational process assets, and any other relevant enterprise environmental factors. This plan helps reduce the risk of project scope creep.



  • Approved Project Business Case
  • Draft Project Charter
  • Historical Information
  • Approved Project Charter


  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project Plan
    • Project Management Plan
    • Scope Management Plan
    • Schedule Management Plan
    • Cost Management Plan
    • Quality Management Plan
    • Human Resource Management Plan
    • Communications Management Plan
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Procurement Management Plan
    • Stakeholder Management Plan


  • Scope Management Plan
  • WBS Template
  • Project Tracking System
  • Project Management Plan Template
  • Expert Judgement
  • Meetings

Task Instructions:

Identify Customer Deliverables

    1. Using the WBS Template, [the Project Manager] with support from [the Product Owner] is responsible for developing a product or system oriented top level Work Breakdown Structure.
    2. Using a Project Tracking System, [the Project Manager] is responsible for updating the customer deliverables, ensuring consistency between the Project Plan and Project Tracking System.

Identify Reusable Components

    1. Using Historical Information, [the Project Manager] with support from [the Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management Office] is responsible for identifying any reusable components, deliverables or work products of an existing solution that can be reused for this project, based on data available for similar project types and also based on any reusable strategy is developed by the Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management Office.
    2. Using Project Management Template, [the Project Manager] is responsible for Documenting such information in the Project Management Plan.