Determines whether to acquire outside support, and if so, what to acquire, how to acquire it, how much is needed, and when to acquire it.


Documenting project procurement decisions, specifying the approach, and identifying potential sellers.


Plan Procurement Management identifies project needs that can best be met or should be met by acquiring products, services, or results outside of the project organization, versus those project needs which can be accomplished by the project team. When the project obtains products, services, and results required for project performance from outside of the performing organization, the processes from Plan Procurement Management through Close Procurement are performed for each item to be acquired.

The Plan Procurement Management process also includes evaluating potential sellers, particularly if the buyer wishes to exercise some degree of influence or control over acquisition decisions. Thought should also be given to who is responsible for obtaining or holding any relevant permits and professional licenses that may be required by legislation, regulation, or organizational policy in executing the project.

The requirements of the project schedule can significantly influence the strategy during the Plan Procurement Management process. Decisions made in developing the procurement management plan can also influence the project schedule and are integrated with Develop Schedule, Estimate Activity Resources, and make-or-buy analysis.

The Plan Procurement Management process includes evaluating the risks involved with each make-or-buy analysis. It also includes reviewing the type of contract planned to be used with respect to avoiding or mitigating risks, sometimes transferring risks to the seller.



  • Project Management Plan
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Risk Register
  • Activity Resource Requirements
  • Project Schedule
  • Activity Cost Estimates
  • Stakeholder Register


  • Procurement Management Plan
  • Procurement Statement of Work
  • Procurement Documents
  • Source Selection Criteria
  • Make-or-Buy Decisions
  • Change Requests
  • Updated Project Documents


  • Make-or-Buy Analysis
  • Expert Judgment
  • Market Research
  • Meetings

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