Plan Phase


Establish project objectives and vision for the business process.  This Analysis helps establish project objectives and a vision for the business process.


Enable the project team to analyze the business process and determine the goals and objectives that need to be addressed with the business process and IT environment.


The Plan phase is intended to be a set of activities that will set the foundation for the rest of the project.  The Project Charter can be created to document the scope, objectives, and limitations for the project.  A Preliminary Project Plan and Quality Assurance  Plan are also developed during this phase.  These three deliverables are used to establish credible business expectations for the project.  Financial Management is also addressed if a Long Lead Appropriation is necessary.

Suppliers are commonly retained to assist with Plan and Define Phase Activities.  An organization should take the primary responsibility for the Plan Phase, but suppliers can be obtained early in the project to conduct Define Phase activities. Supporting of a Outsourced Model, addresses this vendor sourcing during the Plan Phase by the Release of the Request for Information and Request to identify suppliers that are qualified to perform the Define Phase activities.

To conclude this phase, a Plan Tollgate must be conducted with the project stakeholders.  Approval from the stakeholders during this tollgate means that the project has been authorized to proceed.







Task Instructions:

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