Preparation for Quantitative management is conducted.




Preparation activities include establishing quantitative objectives for the project, composing a defined process for the project that can help to
achieve those objectives, selecting sub-processes and attributes critical to
understanding performance and achieving the objectives, and selecting
measures and analytic techniques that support quantitative management.

These activities may need to be repeated when needs and priorities
change, when there is an improved understanding of process performance,
or as part of risk mitigation or corrective action.


Entrance Criteria:

  • Vision, goals and business objectives are defined, documented and communicated.
  • Metrics program has been defined and is being followed
  • The IO SEPG Managers, IO Quality Managers, Process Manager, PTS Manager are trained in Statistical Process Control and the identified tool process performance analysis.
  • Project Performance data available in Project Tracking System.

Exit Criteria:

  • Specific process performance baselines and process performance model communicated for usage at IO
  • Project Performance data for process performance objectives submitted in Project Tracking System.

Process and Procedures:

Tailoring Guidelines:


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