Coordination and collaboration between the project and relevant stakeholders are conducted.











Task Instructions:

Manage Stakeholder Involvement

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    2. Coordinate with relevant stakeholders who should participate in project activities.
      The relevant stakeholders should already be identified in the project plan.
    3. Ensure work products produced to satisfy commitments meet the requirements of the recipients.
      The work products produced to satisfy commitments can be services.

    4. Develop recommendations and coordinate actions to resolve misunderstandings and problems with requirements.

Manage Dependencies

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    2. Conduct reviews with relevant stakeholders.
      It is particularly important that acquirers or owners of systems that interact with the project in a system of systems be involved in these reviews to manage critical dependencies these types of systems create.
    3. Identify each critical dependency.
    4. Establish need dates and plan dates for each critical dependency based on the project schedule.
    5. Review and get agreement on commitments to address each critical dependency with those who are responsible for providing or receiving the work product.
    6. Document critical dependencies and commitments.
      The acquirer documents supplier commitments to meet critical dependencies in the supplier agreement. Supplier dependencies and acquirer dependencies are documented in an integrated plan.
    7. Track the critical dependencies and commitments and take corrective action as appropriate.

Resolve Coordinations Issues

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    2. Identify and document issues.
    3. Communicate issues to relevant stakeholders.
    4. Resolve issues with relevant stakeholders.
    5. Escalate to appropriate managers the issues not resolvable with relevant stakeholders.
    6. Track issues to closure.
    7. Communicate with relevant stakeholders on the status and resolution of issues.